Often it’s the players and managers that get the praise at a football club. At Motherwell though there is one man who plays a vital role off the park for the Steelmen and deserves a massive pat on the back. That man is Alan Burrows.

The Well CEO has played his role at Fir Park brilliantly since taking over from Leanne Dempster.

Burrows has been brilliant for the Well. (Photo by Jeff Holmes/Getty Images)

He is a major asset to the club.

Burrows is a good example for others to follow

In terms of keeping the fans happy, he can’t really do much more. Whenever you want an update on Motherwell, most of the time when you tweet Burrows, you get a speedy response.

This was proven on Friday when he responded to rumours about David Turnbull. This immediately put any real speculation to bed for the time being, thanks to his prompt and effective response. Any questions threw his way were dealt with effectively.

The Well CEO basically squashed Turnbull speculation. (Photo by David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

Part of the reason I feel he is so successful in his role is because he is a Well fan. He’s been around the club either as a fan or a staff member for most of his life. With that level of time spent around the club, and its fans, he has a good idea of what they want.

Motherwell are a great community club, always launching initiatives in the local area. Free tickets seen the Well’s South Stand brimming with young fans on the final day of the campaign against Livingston.

Motherwell’s season ticket deal, that sees children get a free ticket for the league campaign when an adult buys a season ticket, is another brilliant way to get people through the door and inspire the next generation. These are all things Burrows has oversaw and allowed to happen.

Burrows is helping get the next set of fans through the door. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

The Well CEO is brilliant for the club and its supporters. People in similar positions at clubs across the country should take a leaf out of Burrows’ book.

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