St Mirren travelled to Ibrox to take on Rangers on Saturday, but the headlines were stole by referee Andrew Dallas.

The ref blew for four Rangers penalties, three of which were scored, with St Mirren suffering a 4-0 defeat. The Buddies wouldn’t have got anything from this game even without the penalties, Rangers could have scored more and Oran Kearney’s men didn’t have a shot on target.

That hasn’t taken away the bitter taste left in St Mirren supporters’ mouth though, following the refereeing display.

How did Dallas do on Saturday? (Photo by VI Images via Getty Images)

He may have gave four penalties, but how many should have been given is questionable. He could have even given a fifth. We’re analysing all five decisions, and questioning whether the spot kicks should have been given.

Penalty one- YES

Dallas is off to a good start. Jermain Defoe showed quick feet in the box, and what can only be described as a clumsy challenge by Ethan Erhahon was made.

Defoe was brought down for the first penalty. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

This a stonewall penalty. There was clear contact on Defoe. Erhahon was perhaps caught out by Defoe’s experience, leading him to make a silly challenge in the box and catching Defoe’s left leg. There can be no complaints with Dallas’ first call.

Penalty two- NO

It’s another challenge on Defoe, but how this was given as a penalty is unbelievable.

Dallas gave the wrong decision here. (photo by Vagelis Georgariou/Action Plus via Getty Images)

There is no contact from Stephen McGinn and Defoe was clearly waiting for contact. He never felt any, but still proceeded to hit the floor. It was simulation, and Dallas has to pick up on things like this. The English forward should have been booked, it’s a clear dive that has cost St Mirren.

Penalty three- NO

Yes, it was a handball by Tansey, but he’s at least two yards outside the box. This is a free kick, not a penalty.

Sure, it may have been influenced by the verdict of his assistant, but Dallas had a clear view of the incident. For decisions like this, both the ref and his assistant have to be convinced it was inside the box. On this occasion, it is almost impossible for any of them to be 100% sure this happened in the 18 yard box.

Penalty four- NO

It’s not looking pretty for the match referee. Again it’s outside the box, and it might not even have been a foul in the first place.

Perhaps Dallas’ worst call.(Photo by Gualter Fatia/Getty Images)

It is easily four or five yards outside the box, and Daniel Candeias throws himself into the penalty box, hoping to trick Dallas into pointing to the spot. He probably couldn’t believe that the ref blew for another penalty.

It’s a mind-boggling decision. There wasn’t even enough contact to bring the Portuguese winger down, never mind jump high into the air and landing in the box. It’s playacting by Candeias, and Dallas has had a shocker with this decision.

Potential penalty five- YES

Dallas must have been feeling sorry for the Saints at this point, as this was another clear penalty.

Dallas may have took pity on the Buddies. (Photo by Jeff Holmes/Getty Images)

For once it was inside the box, and it could have equalled the world record for the most penalties given in a professional match. Morelos was dragged to the ground in the box by Jack Baird.

Out of the penalties he gave, this is the clearest, yet he doesn’t give it. It’s another terrible decision by Dallas, that makes you wonder what the thought process behind the others were.

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