If you needed any more proof Celtic have well and truly chucked their toys out the pram with regards to Motherwell’s David Turnbull then look no further. Celtic assistant John Kennedy’s recent comments show how bitter the club are over the transfer.

Motherwell’s starlet looks set for Norwich City after reports that the Well have accepted a record bid for the midfielder. This comes after Turnbull rejected the chance to play for the Hoops.

Turnbull turned Celtic down. (Photo by David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

It’s fair to say Kennedy isn’t best pleased about it.

He told the Daily Record: “For a 19-year-old coming from Motherwell who has played pretty much one season, the offer we made was very good.

“If you do well at this club, the world is your oyster and that’s what we wanted to give him, but they chose not to take our offer. It’s not one we are going to lose too much sleep over.

Celtic assistant  Kennedy isn’t exactly smiling about the Turnbull situation. (Photo by Alan Rennie/Action Plus via Getty Images)

“Players coming in have to have the right attitude and have the right motives. When you do that, normally, you get a good player. It depends on the individual. What’s their motive? What are they looking to get out of it?”

Kennedy’s clearly hurting from Turnbull fiasco

It was hardly a pretty situation, but these comments are very petty from Kennedy. First of all, Turnbull isn’t just some kid from Fir Park Street. He’s Scotland’s best young player at the moment and is better than half the young talent Celtic have at their disposal.

Perhaps Turnbull was looking for regular gametime? The Express claim one of his main fears was a lack of first-team football. Of course you need to earn it, but the 19-year-old clearly has his playing time at the very front of his mind.

Kennedy’s comments are slightly disrespectful. (Photo by David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

Kennedy probably speaks for Celtic as a whole. The full club seem pretty passive-aggressive about the full thing.

They can’t seem to understand that a boy from Motherwell thinks he can do better than Celtic. The fact is that he can and he’s going to the Premier League to prove it.

It sounds very much like Kennedy and the Hoops will ‘lose sleep’ over this. They’ve been made a mockery of in the public eye and can’t handle it. Question his motives all you like, Turnbull just didn’t want to play at Parkhead after their offer.

Turnbull clearly had no interest in becoming a Bhoy. (photo by David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

Turnbull probably won’t lose much sleep over what could have been at Celtic when he becomes a Premier League player.

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