David Turnbull has taken Celtic for a spin and then some. It finally looks as though his move to Celtic is dead in the water.

The Daily Record are reporting that Celtic have walked away from the deal. They couldn’t agree on personal terms, with the Daily Express’ recent report claiming Turnbull had concerns over first-team opportunities.

David Turnbull seems to be staying put for now.
David Turnbull seems to be staying put for now. (photo by David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

It’s the best outcome for him after everything that’s happened.

Turnbull’s situation has been dealt with terribly

The childish reply to a breakdown in negotiations from Celtic set the wheels in motion for this deal to collapse. Even if he had signed, Turnbull would be under intense scrutiny to perform from the off.

This should never have played out in the public eye. Motherwell forced Celtic’s hand, and since the following statement from the Hoops, the reports, stories and opinions have gone into overdrive.

The subject of speculation. (Photo by David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

Some are shocked he’s turned this down. I touched on it recently, but if he doesn’t think it’s a good opportunity, he has every right to. The Parkhead side, or any team, don’t have a divine right to any given player.

The Record’s report claims Sheffield Wednesday are interested in him. A team like that would be perfect for him. He’d play on a decent stage, get some good experience and money, before having the opportunity to progress to bigger things if he develops.

He couldn’t do that from the Celtic sub bench, which seems to be his main fear.

Turnbull wants to play regularly. (Photo by David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

Turnbull shouldn’t want to join them now anyway. The way Celtic have gone about this is wrong. Since their petulant statement, Celtic have used the press and social media as a way to get fans on board and support them. It’s best for Turnbull that he isn’t moving to the Hoops.

Celtic’s lure is great and Turnbull has went against what was expected by rejecting them. If he wasn’t already, he’ll be immortalized by Well fans for rejecting the Parkhead side.

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