It’s never going to end is it? We’re going to be at the end of days at this rate, still wondering whether Motherwell star David Turnbull’s completed a move to Celtic. Another stumbling block has thrown this deal into question once more, this time in the form of his medical

According to the Scottish Sun, Turnbull’s medical showed a problem with his knee. The two teams are now back at the negotiating table to thrash out a deal.

Another Turnbull twist. (photo by Vagelis Georgariou/Action Plus via Getty Images)

The Sun have since reported that the Well youngster is confident this move will still be completed.

Turnbull’s medical throws up more questions than answers

It is odd that Turnbull, who’s got no previous experience of knee injuries at least in the public eye, now suddenly has this issue. Some on social media and fan forums have suggested that this medical is just a way for Celtic to try and lower the price.

It’s not time for putting on a tinfoil hat and rattling out some conspiracy theories just yet.

Not conspiracy time just yet. (photo by Alan Rennie/Action Plus via Getty Images)

This throws up more questions than answers. Who knows what actually happened, but whatever it is, this situation needs sorted ASAP.

The deal is preventing Motherwell from making moves in the transfer window. Deals that are only feasible with the Turnbull money will slowly starting falling to the wayside if there are any more hitches.

Celtic are in a bit more of a position to press on with other transfer targets, but this deal will already have taken much more time than they would have liked.

An ending is needed. (Photo by David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

It’ll be a real shame that after all the drama, this could be what kills Turnbull’s transfer. It’s a big move both for him and Motherwell. Hopefully there is an end in sight.

There’s still that glimmer of hope for Well fans that he may well be wearing claret and amber again.

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