Hibs chairman Rod Petrie has been named as the new SFA president. Hell mend Scottish football after another backwards appointment.

Petrie became the new Scottish FA president with no opposition. That sentence alone is demoralising.

Petrie is the new man in charge. (photo by Alan Rennie/Action Plus via Getty Images)

It’s an uninspiring appointment to say the least and one that will be of a detriment to Scottish football.

Petrie won’t bring new ideas

The game in this country will see more of the same mediocrity it has gotten used to since the turn of the millennium. The outgoing Alan McRae proved on countless occasions he wasn’t fit for the SFA presidency.


Who was his right-hand man in his most high-profile blunder of late, the appointment of Alex McLeish as Scotland boss? Hibs chairman Petrie.

Petrie supervised McLeish’s appointment. (photo by Alan Rennie/Action Plus via Getty Images)

With Petrie nothing will change. We will continue to go backwards. Nobody in the SFA or any of the clubs in Scotland stood up to him. They just let him walk in with age-old ideas that haven’t worked for 21 years.

McLeish got the chop as Scotland boss a short while ago and most of the SFA bosses’ should’ve walked with them. People who are in a position to make a difference need to realise that those running our game are pretty terrible at their jobs.

Players dropping out of national squads at an alarming rate and embarrassing defeats to Israel and Kazakhstan. The SFA have failed to take action or make changes to improving many situations that have affected our game this season alone.

Years of mediocrity. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

That’s not including the Hampden fiasco, failure to qualify for any major tournaments since 1998, plus total disconnection with the supporters. To say they’ve been a shambles in recent years alone is being kind.

Sadly no one ran against Petrie in these SFA elections. Our period of mediocrity may just have been extended, and those with the power to change that have waived their right to do so.

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