The 2018/19 season is over for Kilmarnock and what a ride it has been. Steve Clarke has brought around golden years in Ayrshire and it’ll be a massive task to find a worthy successor.

Killie were on fine form again, winning against Rangers 2-1 at Rugby Park in their final league match. After the game their beloved leader gave a passionate speech to fans, praising them and calling supporters “my trophy,” as quoted by the Daily Record.

Clarke delivered some inspiring words at full-time. (photo by David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

Former Chelsea coach Clarke has gave the Ayrshire town a team to be proud of again. In the weirdest of comparisons, Killie’s final home game gave me a reminder of one of Britain’s most iconic gigs. Oasis’ sold out Knebworth shows in 1996.

Knebworth was the venue that seen 250,000 people over two days watch the Manchester band. More than four per cent of the population applied for tickets to see them, the biggest demand for concert tickets in British history.


What do the gigs have to do with Killie? Absolutely nothing, but there are similarities between them.

“This is history, right here, right now”

Oasis played two iconic sets that marked the band at the peak of their powers. As the final line was belted out by frontman Liam Gallagher and the final guitar chords were played by brother Noel, it was the end of an era. They had reached the top, but they weren’t aware of it at the time.

Knebworth was iconic.(Photo by Mick Hutson/Redferns)

This is the similarity between the gigs and Killie’s final home game. At a packed Rugby Park, fans gathered in their thousands to watch Clarke’s men. Again they put on a spirited performance, sealing a historic league finish and European football for the Ayrshire side.

Oasis had a frontman in Liam just like Kilmarnock had a leader in Clarke, the face of this inspired change. The final league game of the season was Killie’s Knebworth. In front of thousands of adoring fans, they delivered memories that put icing on the cake of what has been a terrific 18 months. Clarke’s full-time speech was Killie’s encore.

Knebworth was where Oasis peaked, where they stood tall on top of the world. In terms of Scottish football, this is where the Rugby Park side are right now. They’re at the pinnacle of their modern history.

At the peak of their powers. (Photo by Alan Rennie/Action Plus via Getty Images)

These are the times Kilmarnock fans will tell their grandchildren about. They’ll tell tales of Alan Power and Gary Dicker becoming midfield powerhouses, Greg Taylor’s fantastic full-back performances, and Clarke’s inspirational leadership.

Noel Gallagher said “This is history, right here, right now” before the start of the band’s first night at Knebworth. It is a very fitting phrase for the Ayrshire club, who are living through one of the greatest eras in Killie history.

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