‘Scenes’ is a footballing term that is thrown around a lot these days. Should you look up ‘Unbelievable scenes‘ in the urban dictionary, the definition is “when something very crazy or surprising happens, used in a happy context”.

Ask a Jambo what it means and they’ll probably dig out their photo album highlighting the 1998, 2006 or 2012 Scottish Cup winning parade. Even Gary Locke and Jim Jefferies, Hearts fans growing up, couldn’t believe the scenes down Gorgie way and in the capital.

JJ’s take on the scenes

“The one thing you’ve got to remember, especially for our foreign players in the team, like Thomas Flogel, Stephane Adam, Gilles (Rousset), (Stefano) Salvatori, they haven’t ever seen scenes like that,” Jefferies told NTOF.

“They couldn’t believe the response the fans gave the players. It was just all new to them and it was an experience they will never ever have again.

Hearts fans treat players like royalty should they win silverware. And 2012 was no different with thousands of supporters gathering to catch a glimpse of the players with the trophy, which they won after beating city rivals Hibs 5-1 in the final at Hampden. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

“I don’t think any of us will have because I know Hearts have won it twice since but people say it was the greatest day of their life and it always will be. I think if it’s the first time for 40+ years, it’s special and especially against Rangers in Glasgow.

“They were in awe, I spoke to them after the game or for days after it, and they would never get that back in their country if they won a trophy. I said before ‘It’s going to be something you’ll never believe’ and they confirmed it turned out that way.”

Club captain couldn’t believe it

“Jim Jefferies used to say to us all the time – if you win a trophy here you won’t believe the response you’ll get from the fans,” Locke added.

“Obviously we were all well aware of that, what an achievement it was going to be, if we were the team that got the monkey off the club’s back and won a trophy. But the scenes when we came back to Gorgie were something that will live with me forever.

“Getting back to Gorgie, the two times that we’ve won it since then, it was a lot more organised. There were barriers up, so the team bus could get along Gorgie Road, but I don’t think the police actually knew what to expect.

“That night, it took us about two hours to get along Gorgie Road. There was people jumping in front of the bus, the players were on top of the bus.

As Locke mentions, 2012 seemed a lot calmer than the pandemonium in 1998. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

“The driver couldn’t see out the windows for champagne on the windows of the bus. It was an unbelievable experience, a brilliant experience for every Hearts fan that was there.

“For me, that was the best because that was the first one and I think it was just relief for everybody. The two times that Hearts have won it since then, Gretna and then Hibs, they were fantastic occasions but they probably weren’t as special as what 98 was.”

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