Marios Ogkmpoe has said that Hamilton must continue their winning run in order to make a great week really count.

After beating Rangers 1-0 at Ibrox last Wednesday, Brian Rice’s side earned consecutive victories with another brilliant 1-0 result, this time over Kilmarnock. It was a challenging game for them, especially after Mickel Miller was sent off.

But Accies hung on and were awarded a late penalty to win the game. Ogkmpoe stepped up and secured the crucial win which has lifted Hamilton out of the relegation places.

As translated by Hamilton teammate Alex Gogic, Ogkmpoe says that he didn’t fear taking a penalty and his team must now build on the momentum they have picked up.

“I didn’t feel pressure and just wanted to score. It was 50/50 but I knew I’d score,” said Ogkmpoe. “I didn’t feel pressure – I just wanted to score. Penalties are 50-50 but I knew I would score.

Marios Ogkmpoe was calm and collected.

Marios Ogkmpoe was calm and collected. (Photo by Ewan Bootman/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

“We’re out of the relegation zone now but there are eight games left. It is a very important win but we must win the rest of our games.

“If we keep on playing with this intensity and tempo we don’t have anything to be scared of. It’s harder with ten men but we tried to squeeze as high. We played well even with ten.

“We were in last place and now we are tenth. Unfortunately, we have the experience of being in the position at the bottom of the table but if we keep playing like we have done then there is nothing to be scared of. Every win has its own importance. If we lose the next two games it will be like we haven’t achieved anything.”

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