The wind caused havoc during Hamilton’s match with Rangers- and the refs didn’t help the Accies cause much either according to Brian Rice.

His side were eliminated from the Scottish Cup at the weekend by Rangers. Two goals from Scott Arfield alongside Alfredo Morelos and Joe Aribo strikes cancelled out a Lewis Smith equaliser as they were beaten 4-1.

Accies had a claim to a handball just before half time with the game at 1-1. A ball into the box struck Rangers defender Connor Goldson’s hand but referee Alan Muir didn’t point to the spot.

Alongside that, the wind was blowing the ball in every direction possible. It made the game an extremely difficult challenge for players and a brutal one for fans to sit through.

Rice is calling for more measures to help on windy SPFL days whilst also saying that Rangers coach Michael Beale said he didn’t understand why Accies didn’t get a penalty.

Beale reckons Accies should have had a penalty. (Photo by Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC/Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

“I can’t believe in this day and age that we’ve got all these tools to improve the game, but we haven’t got a wind meter,” said Rice. “The worst conditions you can ever play in is the wind.

“I think that’s been proven. There must be a wind meter, there must be something. It just destroys the game, players don’t like it, fans won’t come out in it, the game is a lottery. We must come up with something.

“I was at BSC Glasgow v Hibs, complete farce. Fair play to both teams for having a go and to the fans for turning up in horrendous conditions, fantastic. Falkirk v Hearts was the same, Clyde v Celtic too.

Stormy afternoon. (photo by David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

“Would you come out to watch a game in 50MPH winds with your kids? I wouldn’t. You can’t do anything against the elements, I don’t know the answer, an absolute lottery. We must overcome it and get on with it.

“I don’t think the handball rule has been interpreted the same for every club. When you play the Old Firm, you need to take your chances, you need to carry luck, and you need to get some big decisions.

“Rangers’ Michael Beale said to me at half time, ‘That’s a stonewall penalty, how did you not get it?’ That’s just the way it’s been going. I’m disappointed, as the referee has a clear view of it.

Muir gave a decision against Rice and Hamilton during the Rangers match.

Muir gave a decision against Rice and Hamilton during the Rangers match. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

“The linesman has a really clear view of it but it’s something that goes against us. How do we help them? Get better referees and assistants, I need to keep looking for better players, clubs needs to keep looking for better coaches. Everything needs to get better.

“I’ve never at any stage criticised referees, I never have, and I won’t because we need them to be the best we can get. I’m satisfied they’re doing their very best, it’s a difficult job but we need to get the big decisions right. I’m all against V.A.R, I like human error. I think there are things that are pretty clear that we’re missing out on.

“We move on. I don’t think going full-time will help your eyesight. All I’m saying is it was pretty clear, they probably saw it, or saw it in a way I didn’t see it. I don’t think refs going full-time would make a massive difference, their integrity is never in question. We need them.”

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