Hello there,

Firstly, I’d like to start this off by sending our best wishes to you all in what is an uncertain moment for everyone.

The impact of Covid-19 and the global health pandemic has been massive. We’ve seen hospitals crowded like never before, distressing images of those affected by the virus, fights for essentials in the supermarket aisles, we are separated from some of those we hold dear.

Its full force will soon hit the UK and we hope that as a country, we can pull through this worrying time and find light at the end of the tunnel. Sport and football are insignificant compared to the devastation as a result of recent events.

We hope to have provided readers with light-relief courtesy of our Scottish football coverage over the last few weeks, providing insight and informing our readership about Covid-19’s impact on SPFL matters.

Many businesses and people face financial uncertainty in the wake of all this. Sadly, NTOF is not immune, although we are fortunate enough to have been less affected by the economic impact of Covid-19 than others.


To preserve the long-term ambitions of this site, however, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend publication on Not the Old Firm for what will likely be a two-month period, possibly longer, depending on how this situation unfolds.

After weighing up our options, we feel this decision is in everyone’s best interest. That way, we are making positive steps to ensure NTOF’s return once this crisis has passed and our credibility is not lost.

NTOF started in December 2018, a blog in essence with ambitions of being much more. Over the last year and four months, we have evolved from opinion pieces in my bedroom to an accredited source of news with links to most SPFL teams, two full-time staff members, a fruitful partnership with the City of Glasgow College and a pool of talented journalists from within GRV Media, who have been integral to the site’s professional development.

We aren’t going away completely. Once the worst of this outbreak subsides, football will return, and with it, so will we. You can expect news, opinion and interviews from across the SPFL, delivered with wisdom, passion and wit.

These are dark and unprecedented times but we must remember that once we make it through the night, a brighter day will soon appear. We wish you all the best and we’ll see you upon our return.

And remember; stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

Kind regards,

Ben Banks, Content Leader

And the rest of the NTOF team

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