Scotland international Scott McTominay has opened up on the boots policy at Manchester United that has helped him learn about key components of the game.

The Scotsman has been in terrific form for club and country this term. He’s featured in every Premier League game he’s been available for whilst making himself a Scotland mainstay.

Flying high. (Photo by Matthew Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images)

He’s said that Manchester United’s disciplined way of working in the academy, whilst he didn’t particularly like it, helped him learn great skills to take forward in his career.

McTominay told the Daily Record (The Winner, page seven, 14/12/19): “I didn’t like the black boots but you had to do it. You had to respect the rules. I probably couldn’t tell you one player who liked wearing black boots but it was the rule for every academy player.


“If someone tried to come out in red boots it’s like, ‘You’re no different to any of us, so get your black boots back on until you’ve earned the right to wear coloured boots. You always wear black boots, you always turn up to meetings on time, you always go to school, everybody does the same thing.

Grounded. (Photo by Matthew Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images)

“Growing up here, the main thing that is spoken about is being a good person, first and foremost. A Manchester United person is someone who’s always polite, humble and got respect for people. It’s just general standards in day-today life – going to school, being punctual, always turning up on time. You don’t realise at the time how much little things like that at the time are going to help you.”

Old fashioned approach from Manchester United helped McTominay

This is a simple method implemented by United but it seems to have helped the Scotland international. Old fashioned methods like this help keep youngsters learn respect whilst keeping their feet on the ground.

McTominay seems appreciative of this and now United look set to reward him for his efforts. A recent report has said McTominay will sign a new Old Trafford deal shortly (The Sun).

Rewarded for Manchester United effort. (Photo by Ash Donelon/Manchester United via Getty Images)

It’s a just reward after an excellent season. McTominay’s proven that he’ll be a big player for both United and Scotland for years to come this season.

He’s certainly earned the right to go for a more colourful pair of boots these days after years in black.

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