Aberdeen chariman Dave Cormack has told supporters the club have been rejected for business interruption cover from their insurer, which is up for renewal on April 30.

The company apparently dropped the wording covering the consequences of a pandemic ahead of the new policy activating, which has angered the Pittodrie club.

Aberdeen, of course, face the prospect of going months without being able to count on matchday income with all football suspended in Scotland due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

In a statement, Cormack explained the situation and called on the insurer to ‘do the right thing’. He said: “As a diligent, well‐run organisation, we chose comprehensive business interruption cover and believe we may be one of only a few Clubs with an insurance policy that clearly covers the impact of a pandemic.

“Despite paying for that cover ‐ when we need it most, we’ve been advised we’re not going to get it!

“We accept that our insurance company is acting within its legal rights and that the present circumstances will give rise to multiple and significant insurance claims. But this leaves us bearing the majority of the continuing costs incurred as a result of the football suspension in response to the coronavirus, despite the outbreak occurring when we had cover. The bulk of our losses will likely be beyond the end of next month.

“This just doesn’t feel right in the present circumstances.”

Aberdeen are being denied business interruption cover (Photo by Scott Baxter/Getty Images)

Cormack then added that the club have raised the issue with a local MP, as they believe there is a moral dilemma that needs to be addressed.

One can perhaps understand why Aberdeen are upset given this is absolutely a time when they need cover for business interruption.

According to Cormack, the Dons stand to lose out on around £5 million as a result of football being suspended.

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