Derek Ferguson has shared his thoughts on his son, Aberdeen star Lewis Ferguson, potentially contracting Covid-19.

The SPFL is on hold for now as Scottish football authorities decide how’s best to move forward with the 2019/20 season.

The game’s on hold. (Photo by Alex Morton – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

Like the rest of the world, Scotland is gripped with the Covid-19 pandemic, causing uncertainty for many. Derek Ferguson is one person feeling a bit anxious, sharing his concern over son Lewis catching the virus with the pair living together.

He told Sportsound: “The responsibility has passed onto the players, they said don’t go to the gym but Lewis is a gym bunny. He’s never out the gym. Don’t go to the cinema but the problem is he is back in the house. My old father he has made his garage into a gym so he will be able to go up there and use that.


“He is back, I am getting shoved aside, he is getting waited on hand and foot – as usual. As a player you are used to being in every day and even on days off, where would you head? Or I would, I would head into Ibrox [when he was a player], just to be around people. When that is taken away from you, your mental health will suffer.

Addicted to the gym. (Photo by James Williamson – AMA/Getty Images)

“They are off for nine days a week on Monday, Aberdeen’s training facilities are closed, all the admin staff, the catering, the players, the lot. I’ll be encouraging Lewis to self isolate because he has brought his bloody dog with him and it is tearing up my house, eating everything.”

Challenging period

For players right now, times will be tough. An uncertain future awaits Scottish football with an outcome that favours everyone unlikely.

More importantly, health and wellbeing has to come first. Football staff, coaches and players will all be briefed on the best steps to take in order to avoid the virus.

It doesn’t make these times any less worrying though. With challenging months to come, following expert advice and guidelines is about all we can do at this stage.

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