Dunfermline chairman hails fans for proactive support during global health crisis

Dunfermline Athletic chairman Ross McArthur has hailed the club’s loyal supporters for setting up a ‘fighting fund’ without the club even issuing an appeal.

The Pars are staring at an uncertain future over the next few months, with the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic forcing change across the world.


Football in Scotland is just one of many things on hold indefinitely, and no matchday revenue is going to make this a challenging period for many clubs.

Dunfermline are currently fifth in the Championship (Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images)

Fans of Dunfermline supposedly took it upon themselves to start up a fighting fund on Wednesday, in a bid to try and raise money to help the club sustain – a move that has humbled McArthur and the club.

He said (club’s official website): “It was really humbling to see all of our supporter groups coming together on Wednesday night to set up a ‘fighting fund’ which will be absolutely crucial to our club functioning over the next few months.

“To me, it was hugely significant that our supporters took the initiative and did that off their own backs, without my issuing an appeal to do so. It is yet another example of what a fantastic and loyal fan base we have.”

McArthur then outlined a few ways in which fans can help the club in the coming weeks and months.

Firstly, supporters are urged to join the Centenary Club Lifeline Fund, where supporters can have more than one £20 subscription a month.

Second, fans can renew their season tickets from May and ask their friends and families to do the same.

Finally, the club are politely requesting cooperation from season ticket holders in regard to compensation for the games that haven’t been played, and may never be fulfilled.

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