It is fair to say that Motherwell fans would have rather that David Turnbull joined Norwich instead of Celtic. However, the player turned down the Premier League for Glasgow, in a deal worth £3.25 million.

That means instead of seeing player they admired plying his trade against the best players in the world, they will get to see Turnbull play for one of Glasgow’s big two up to four times a season.

Latest example of player joining Glasgow side

(Photo by David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

Provincial teams have never liked their star assets being sold to one of the ‘old firm’, and this is just the latest example of that.

However, you can’t blame the Fir Park board for taking the offer, from Celtic or any other interested parties.

Over three million pounds is a massively significant figure for the Fir Park club. It could make a difference to the club in a number of ways.

(photo by David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

Money could be spent in a variety of ways

If could be spent on youth development, or new signings or perhaps even the stadium of the club. Players don’t often go from club to club in Scotland for such a large sum of money, so it was a deal that couldn’t be turned down.

(photo by David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

Interestingly, Turnbull could make his Fir Park return as early as August. Celtic are set to travel to Motherwell on league duty on the 10th of August.

The player deserves a warm ovation from the Fir Park support. After all, the money raised by his transfer could do the club a power of good.

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