Dunfermline have secured a strategic partnership with German investment group DAFC Fussball GmbH.

The group have made a significant investment in the Pars,  now holding 30% of the enlarged share capital of DAFC and acquiring the option to extend that to a further 45.1%, by no later than 31 May 2022.

Fresh investment for Stevie Crawford’s side.. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Should this all go ahead, DAFC Fussball GmbH will have the option to purchase the company which owns East End Park by May 2024. The investors behind this, Thomas Meggle, Damir Keretic, Nick Teller and Dr. Albrecht Gundermann, are based in Hamburg. Three of them will join the DAFC Board of Directors immediately.

Keretic commented “We have spent over two years looking at potential clubs all over Europe, and a key factor was that the club’s “DNA”, values and “way of doing things” had to be compatible with our own approach.

“At DAFC we found a club with a long tradition and heritage, run by a professional Board of Directors located in a community firmly standing behind its local club. Quite simply, DAFC fitted our aims much better than any other club to whom we had spoken. We are now delighted to be working with DAFC, as we look to integrate our combined strategy of future and sustainable success for the club. 

The Germans are investing in the Pars. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

“Our original investment, to acquire 75.1% of the DAFC share capital, was scheduled to complete in late March, but the unprecedented situation created by the Coronavirus pandemic inevitably put things on hold which, at the time, was extremely frustrating for both parties.

“We were further impressed by how the Club successfully navigated itself through this period, and it demonstrated to us both the robust management and controls in place and also the strength of community and passion that surrounds DAFC as a football club. 


“It is important for us to be closely and directly involved in the Club – attending Board meetings and matches, meeting supporters, sponsors and such like, so the various Covid-19 restrictions on travel meant that we felt it better to delay our full investment until we could avoid being absentee owners.

Getting the German treatment. (Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images)

“Nevertheless, we were very keen to make a tangible commitment to completing the deal and wanted to do something in the interim which would support the Club financially. For those reasons, our investment has been split into the two elements: an immediate cash investment, in return for a 30% equity stake in the Club; and the option to increase that stake.” 

DAFC Chairman, Ross McArthur added: “The involvement of DAFC Fussball GmbH as a shareholder, should now be transformative for the Club. We believe that this change to our ownership structure will be an enormous step forward in the achievement of our goals, but crucially, our culture and community ethos will not be diluted.

“It was abundantly clear during our discussions, that DAFC Fussball GmbH share the same beliefs, morals and ethics as ourselves. The DAFC Board realised that not only did we require further capital but that we also would benefit from fresh ideas, knowledge, relationships and innovation to help us achieve our goals.

“The investors have a deep and sound knowledge of football and of commercial marketing, which means they bring very much more than fresh investment capital.”

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