Former Everton, Motherwell and Scotland forward James McFadden believes players will face a key issue in the coming weeks.

Football across Britain and most of the world is in shutdown as a result of the global health pandemic causing worry in everyday life.

Supermarkets have been raided amidst panic buying. (Photo by Ollie Millington/Getty Images)

Players are being restricted in what they can do as a result and one thing may cause some issues. The former Everton and Well man believes that keeping fitness high will be a challenge as the wait for a game goes on.

“You can’t keep your match fitness because there are no games,” McFadden told Sky Sports News. “You can keep yourself fit, top yourself up, but if clubs aren’t training it’s very difficult.


“I think the biggest aspect is there is no return date [in Scotland], there’s no specific time of being off and not playing games so that will make it difficult. Yes you train and you train hard, but you have got nothing to aim for. The longer it goes on, the more fitness the players will lose.

Ex-Everton and Motherwell star James McFadden reckons fitness could be problematic. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

“Yes they will be fit to an extent, but they won’t be training, they won’t be playing games. If it’s four weeks, six weeks then you are going to have to take another three or four weeks to get back to any kind of level of playing.”

Cold storage

Who knows when football across the UK will get back to normal. In England there’s a shutdown in the Premier League and EFL until at least April 3 whilst an indefinite suspension hangs over all of Scottish football.

McFadden will be well aware of the fitness regimes clubs have to maintain in order for their players to be ready for a game. It looks certain though that many of these clubs will simply have to wait a long time before more action.

It’s certainly a challenging period and who knows what football in this country will look like on the other side.

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