Dundee United’s Lawrence Shankland has called on people to give the NHS a helping hand in these testing times.

The world is currently facing a global health pandemic due to a Covid-19 outbreak. Over 14,000 have died globally as a result of the disease, with that number set to jump over the next few months.

The virus is spreading rapidly. (Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images)

It will take its toll on the NHS here in the UK. The government have urged people to stay inside and socially distance themselves from others to combat the virus spread, but many have not listened to the crucial advice.

Shankland has made his views on the matter clear via Twitter: “Self isolating and social distancing is to save lives and give the already stretched NHS the chance to save more!


“Stop being so naive.. this is to protect family members of everyone we know…waken up people it’s not too much to ask, please be sensible.”

You heard em

It’s pretty sound advice from the Dundee United man. Far too many people have defied government advice and gone off to do things of their own accord.

Some have shown no regard. (Photo by BEN STANSALL/AFP via Getty Images)

These are unprecedented times we are living in and many aspects of our daily lives have shutdown as a result. Yet, so it seems, people aren’t taking the threat this virus poses seriously.

Shankland clearly does and he’s trying to promote good messages in order to try and get through to some people.

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