Liverpool and Scotland icon Sir Kenny Dalglish has suggested how we can get the 2019/20 season over the line.

The football legend is one of many across the world pining for the return of football. Most major leagues gloablly have been suspended as the world battles a health pandemic.

Teams like Liverpool can’t play due to the outbreak. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

It’s left many in the dark as to what to do with the rest of this camapign. For Dalglish, playing behind closed doors should be considered – as that could be the only way to get things over with.

“Perhaps we will be up and running again in May,” Dalglish wrote in his Sunday Post column. “But it could well be that the rest of the games will need to be played behind closed doors.


“That would be extremely unfortunate for every football fan, but it might be the best possible to get this season finished and all league paces determined. We need to play every game so that we find out for sure who are the Champions who get into Europe, who gets promoted and who gets relegated.

Liverpool and Scotland icon Dalglish has made a suggestion.

A viable solution? (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images)

“That’s what we need to find out and with less than a quarter of the fixtures remaining, we can find a way to play every game. That must be the focus.”

In for the long haul

Ideally, we could be up and running by May as that’s how long football is suspended for currently in the EPL and SPFL. The reality is though, it’s going to be a longer wait than that.

Teams like Liverpool and Dundee United will have to wait in order to see if their title dreams are realised. Playing with no crowds could allow them to get over the line but whether it’s safe is another question.

There’s a great deal of uncertainty in sport just now. That being said, there are bigger issues at hand as we fight the Covid-19 outbreak.

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