BT Sport presenter Darrell Currie has hit back at claims from SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster that the broadcaster didn’t appreciate Scottish football.

The game will be moving exclusively to Sky Sports next season in a deal worth £160 million that was brokered by Doncaster.

The former Norwich City chief said that Scottish football would enjoy a ‘sea change’ moving to Sky Sports, believing that BT have not shown the game the same love.

Doncaster brokered a £160 million deal with Sky Sports for the exclusive broadcasting of Scottish football from next season (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

He told the Price of Football podcast: “Sky say they are focusing on working with us to promote the Scottish game hand-in-hand as a good partner should.


“So let’s keep an open mind. I think we will see the Scottish game given the profile and coverage it deserves next year by Sky Sports.”

His comments have not gone down well with BT host Currie, who responded to the CEO’s comments on Twitter.

“Totally disrespectful from Doncaster here,” he hit back.

“To suggest BT Sport haven’t given the SPFL the ‘love they show other leagues’.

“Absolutely pathetic – we’ve given everything to our coverage. Also, he’s told us in person how much he’s enjoyed our work. Pathetic.”

There was a lot of love for Currie on Twitter following his retort, with many of the opinion that BT have provided excellent coverage of Scottish football since acquiring broadcasting rights.

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