New Cowdenbeath manager Maurice Ross has opened up on the row that ended his stint at Notts County almost as soon as it got started as the former Rangers, Livingston, Aberdeen and Motherwell man spoke about trying to “educate” himself.

Ross left Notts County afterhe made comment aimed at Dutch winger Enzio Boldewijn, asking if he had a “doctored African passport” and complaining he was . “moving like a 40-year-old”.

The Dutchman made a complaint over the offensive comments, with Ross apologising for the “clumsy, throwaway comment” before leaving his post and spending months out of the game.

Ross admits that he doesn’t think the incident will impact his career in the long-term after he was unveiled as the new Blue Brazil gaffer, saying: “At the end of the day, people employ you based on what they think of you and what they know of you. [Football Scotland]

“I don’t think people take too much to do with conjecture, so the person that employs me is going to see me for what I am as a person, what I’ve done in the past, my habits, what I’m like as a person, how I’ve been at other clubs I’ve managed etc.

“So I would hope that it wouldn’t have too much of a bearing on it, because it’s isolated, it’s not something that’s been habitual or it’s been determined that this is how I am, this is my ideology, its not that at all.

“I’ve been caught up in this new world that is a very sensitive world. And a world that’s moving faster than my education has with the language and what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

“I’ve been on courses etc to educate myself, so I’m better prepared now than I was maybe a year ago to understand the language that’s accepted.”

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