Aberdeen defender Mikey Devlin says he can’t see the 2019/20 campaign being completed.

Football almost globally is on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Scottish football’s return date could be as long away as September, casting doubt over this current season.

Pittodrie lies empty for now. Photo by Scott Baxter/Getty Images)

As the situation grows more serious, Devlin says he can’t foresee this campaign starting again, whilst also wondering what happens with contracts once they starts to expire in the summer months.

“We as footballers would always rather finish the season,” Devlin told RedTV. “Certainly from an Aberdeen perspective we have got third place, or we had third place, to chase. If the league were to stop we relinquish our ability to change our position.

“The overwhelming feeling, from my understanding, it’s very difficult to see how the league will continue without disrupting next season. And I think that will be the priority. As much as of course we want to finish this season then I’m not quite sure how we do that if we extend the season, with the added complication in Scotland that contracts expire at the end of May.

Mikey Devlin has voiced his opinion

Mikey Devlin has voiced his opinion. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

“To play into June and July, do we ask players to sign contract extensions? If a club haven’t offered you a longer-term deal do you sign a one-month extension to play a few games. What if you get injured? Who then looks after your rehab? There are a lot of things to consider.”


Unchartered territory

There’s a feeling too that we are living through a historic moment in Scottish football. The vital decisions that are made could go a way to changing the face of the game in this country forever.

There are many things to sort before we reach that stage. It is becoming clear though that whilst a return date of April 30 is in the calendar, football will be many, many months away.

Like everyone else, Devlin and his Aberdeen teammates will need to endure a period of uncertainty as Covid-19 continues to spread globally.

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