Scotland and Liverpool man Andy Robertson has deactivated his Twitter account following the Reds’ match against Napoli.

The Scotsman gave away a penalty which helped the Italian side on their way to victory in the Champions League. Clearly, some people don’t know how to handle a defeat.

Liverpool star Robertson has deactivated his Twitter account for now. (Twitter)
Liverpool star Robertson has deactivated his Twitter account for now. (Twitter)

After a barrage of abuse, Robertson has deactivated his account. It’s shameful that he has had to take these steps following a match.

Robertson’s ‘error’ might not even be a mistake

The penalty he gave away was contentious in the first place. Jose Callejon looked to have dived in the box, but even with a VAR check, Robertson was ruled to have fouled him.

It was harsh, but it did not merit the backlash he received.

Unneeded criticism.  (Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images)

These supposed ‘fans’ clearly aren’t real supporters. The man has had a couple of bad games over the past 18 months, as his stock continues to rise and rise. One bad game and he is publicly slaughtered.

Sadly not everyone can be perfect and Robertson’s no exception. The best in the world make mistakes and a minority of fans can’t seem to handle that. God love them if they supported a worse team than Liverpool.

Robertson recently admitted following the Scotland games earlier this month that he hides himself away following a defeat or criticism (The Mirror).

Bang out of order (ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images)

Mistakes clearly weigh heavy on his mind and those who forced Robertson into deleting his Twitter account should be ashamed of themselves.

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