A shocked Scott McDonald has taken to Instagram as the ex-Celtic and Motherwell man opened up on Australia’s Covid-19 situation.

The world is currently fighting a global health pandemic caused by the virus outbreak. McDonald is back in his homeland after spending much of his career in Scotland with the likes of Celtic and the Well.

Scott McDonald featured for Celtic and Motherwell amongst others.

Scott McDonald featured for Celtic and Motherwell amongst others. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

He filmed himself undertaking exercise after self-isolating with his family all day, pulling no punches when it came to his assessment of a group he came across.

“I went out for a run tonight, first time I’ve been out all day,” he said. “I’m trying to keep that one and a half meter distance. It’s f*****g hard I’ll tell you! Everyone just doesn’t self-isolate and you start to get paranoid.

“I’m running down and I see this f***** bootcamp, excuse my language, and there’s like 16 or 17 people there. So I say to the girl, ‘oh well done, groups of ten yeah?’ And she was like, ‘oh no, that starts tomorrow’.

The Australian’s outraged. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

“Like the F*****G VIRUS starts tomorrow ya f*****g stupid idiot!”

He has a point

It’s not hard to see why McDonald isn’t best pleased. We as a society have a duty to keep our distance in the fight against this disease, yet some seem unwilling to co-operate.

McDonald had been enjoying a return to form with Brisbane Roar pre-shutdown. The ex-Celtic and Well forward had scored four in his last three games after scoring one in his first 15 games.

He’ll have to wait a while before taking to the pitch again as football faces an uncertain wait for action.

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