He was told their was an ‘80% chance’ he would not survive – and legendary Aberdeen and Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is happy to tell the tale.

‘Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In’, premiered at the Glasgow Film Festival on Saturday evening. The film details the story of the former Aberdeen and Manchester United man’s battle for survival after a brain haemorrhage in May 2018.

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Former Aberdeen and Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson had a brush with death. (Photo by Nick Potts – Pool/Getty Images)

Ferguson, wife Cathy and sons Jason, Darren and Mark all feature to give an insight into the legendary manager’s recovery, culminating in an emotional return to Old Trafford after his recovery. The iconic boss admits he worried about several things.

He said during the film: “There were five brain haemorrhages that day. Three died. Two survived. You know you are lucky. It was a beautiful day, I remember that. I wondered how many sunny days I would ever see again. I found that difficult.

 “I would have hated to lose my memory. It would have been a terrible burden on my family, if I was sitting in the house not knowing who I am. Two doctors came in and said, ‘write your family’s names, your friends’ names, your football teams’ names, your players’ names’. I just kept writing, writing and writing.

Harrowing tale. (Photo by Chris Vaughan – CameraSport via Getty Images)

“It was all opening up and spilling it all out. What you realise is, ‘what happens when you die?’ I don’t remember anything. When I collapsed that Saturday morning, I have no idea what went on. People say I was sat up talking in Macclesfield Hospital before I went to Salford but I don’t remember a thing.
“I am not sure, when the moment comes and you do die, whether it is the best way to go. The moments when you are on your own, there is that fear and loneliness that creeps into your mind. You don’t want to die. That is where I was at. These things did flash through my mind quite a lot.”
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