The 20 clubs in League One and Two have been asked by the SPFL to vote on a 22-game plan to play out the end of the 2020/21 season.

Action in the SPFL’s lower leagues is set to get back underway this weekend after they were shutdown in January due to a surge in Covid-19 cases. Originally, the clubs were scheduled to play 27 games over the course of the season, playing everyone three times instead of four, as is normal in a traditional 36-game campaign.

Partick Thistle vs BSC Glasgow Pre-Season Friendly Match

Lower league clubs will return this week. (Photo by Mark Scates/SNS Group via Getty Images)

While matches will take place this weekend, the final format of the leagues has not been confirmed. The SPFL have pushed for a 18-game plan that would see every team play each other twice. The clubs meanwhile have rallied around a 22-game season, where after 18 matches, a split would be introduced similar to the Scottish Premiership’s top and bottom six.

It will now go to a vote, SPFL company secretary Calum Beattie commenting: “Since the suspension of League 1 and 2 matches was lifted by the Scottish FA on 2 March, we have been in near-constant communication with the club representatives that make up the League 1 and 2 Steering Group.

“Those discussions have been very productive with everyone working extremely hard to develop a proposition that is agreeable to all parties.

Successful SPFL talks.

Successful SPFL talks. (Photo by AMA/Corbis via Getty Images)

“Although the recommendation from the SPFL board was that an 18-match season was the most practicable option, we fully recognise and respect the desire from clubs in Leagues 1 and 2 to aim for 22 games. I am pleased we have now reached an agreement that I hope will be approved by the clubs in the coming days.”

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