Former Scotland star Stuart McCall believes criticism of Liverpool star Andy Robertson is ‘totally unfair.’

The Liverpool left-back has come under intense pressure and scrutiny since becoming Scotland captain. His performances this week have been criticised by some after Scotland took two points from six in their opening World Cup qualifiers against Austria and most recently Israel.

The Liverpool man has been criticised for his Scotland displays.

The Liverpool man has been criticised for his Scotland displays. (Photo by JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images)

McCall belives there’s too much ‘doom and gloom’ after the Israeli draw, hailing the Liverpool star (Sky Sports): “It’s totally unfair; listen, Andy Robertson is one of our quality players. Andy Robertson is a good captain; people say he doesn’t play as well as he does for Liverpool.

“But he was in his natural role against Israel and if he plays as left full-back I think we’ll see more crosses coming in from him. I’m not having this doom and gloom, it’s an ok point. It could have been better, but at the same time it could have been a lot worse.


“There are eight games to go. I think Steve made the point that we’re playing against the Faroes and Austria are playing Denmark, so we could be sat second. At this moment in time we would like three points, but Israel, middle to front, are a dangerous side.

Tonbridge Angels v Bradford City - FA Cup First Round

Defending the Liverpool man. (Photo by Henry Browne/Getty Images)

“Israel started better, but I think once they did make the change at half-time, Scotland looked more assured, they played higher up the park, put the press higher and looked a better side for it. I think Steve Clarke made the right call at half-time.”

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