Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic boss Robbie Horn thinks Hearts should have to start at the bottom of the Scottish league pyramid if the Jambos decide to form a B team for the start of next season.

Rangers and Celtic have B teams in the Lowland League this season and the Tynecastle side have confirmed they could look to follow suit if the SPFL decides against the reintroduction of a Reserve league.

Horn’s side currently top the Lowland League and could find themselves in the SPFL next season but the Bonnyrigg boss thinks it wouldn’t be fair on other clubs in the pyramid if Hearts B were allowed to jump several tiers.

“It’s still not clear what the plan is for Rangers and Celtic for next season. Everyone said it was just going to be for one season, but we’ll have to wait and see regarding that,” Horn said [Evening News].

“I’m a Hearts fan, but my feelings are exactly the same. Teams wanting to join the pyramid system should be starting at the bottom like everybody else. That’s the way it should be and what my concerns were with Rangers and Celtic coming in.

“Yes, it’s good to play against these teams but I feel sorry for the other teams that are part of the pyramid system who have been pushed down to allow Rangers and Celtic to come in.

“It would be exactly the same – allowing Hearts to go in if they take a couple of steps forward in front of other people. It doesn’t sit right with me.

“They might be a good addition to the Lowland League but it’s not the right way to do it.

“If they are going to do it the right way that’s fantastic, it’s the way it should be done. From there, they go and find their level.”

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